Meeting/Training/Interview/Review Time Pay SOP

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Procedure #: hb SOP 26

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date: 032824

Policy/Purpose: To ensure uniform and consistent procedures for team member pay while attending meetings and training.



  1. Meetings and Trainings
    • All team members will be paid $7.50/hr for any meetings or training that they attend effective 1/01/2024 unless all of the following 4 criteria are met, then it will be unpaid.  This includes onsite and off site meetings and training. 
      • it occurs outside normal scheduled hours of work
      • it is completely voluntary
      • it is not job-related (unless the team member attends an independent school or college on his/her own initiative outside work hours); and
      • no other work is performed during the period
    • Team members will need to ensure that they clock in correctly for all meetings and training so the HR Manager can ensure they are paid at the correct rate.
    • Effective with the first pay period of 2024, all team members will be paid $7.50/hr for any meetings or training that they attend (excluding Service Lead meetings). This includes onsite and offsite meetings and training.
  2. Interviews
    • All Interviews for internal candidates interested in any job opening, should be scheduled outside of their normal working hours, but need to be scheduled and paid at the $7.50 rate.  Interviews for external candidates are not paid and should not interfere with the normal course of business.
  3. Reviews/Check-Ins
    • Any 6 month or annual review should be scheduled outside of the normal working hours and are paid at the $7.50 rate for all hourly team members.  These reviews are expected to last 20-30 minutes.
    • Any 45/90/135 day review/check-ins should be conducted during normal working hours and should only last 5-15 minutes.
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