Blood Connection/ Mammogram Preparation SOP

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Procedure #: hb SOP 47

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date: 10262023

Policy/Purpose: This policy is intended to streamline things as much as possible when we do our monthly Blood Drive and our annual mammogram bus in each location.  The goal is to have parking spots secured the night before a blood drive to ensure a smooth day of blood donations facilitated by The Blood Connection/Mammogram Bus.


  1. The GM should message the AGM/SHL who is scheduled to work Sunday night and Monday morning on the Friday before to ask them to put parking cones out to save a parking spot for the blood drive vehicles or vehicle Sunday night before closing or as a backup, first thing the morning of the drive (usually a Monday).  The AGM/GM should also ensure they have a calendar reminder for that morning so they do not forget
  2. BMV Pictures of what parking lot should look like for both Blood Drive bus and Mammogram bu
  3. OFT Pictures of what parking should look like for 2 Blood Drive buses, 1 Blood Drive Bus, and the last one if where the Mammogram bus parks.  The Mammogram is the most crucial because of where it parks
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