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Procedure #: hb SOP 2

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date: 03282024

Policy/Purpose: Steps below in this policy are to create a uniform system for how we onboard each of our team members, from the offer through the onboarding process, including all paperwork.  The purpose is to fully integrate a new team member into all of our systems.  Missing them in any system can create challenges in many areas.

  • Before an offer has been extended (can be contingent upon), the GM should notify the HR Manager of an intent to hire.  The HR Manager will do an employment/reference verification on the pending candidate. 
  • Once the HR Manager has confirmed employment/reference verification a new team member can be extended a verbal/written offer. 
  • The HR Manager will add the name and location of the new team member to 7Shifts so the GM can then add them to the schedule.
  • Once accepted the General Manager will kick off the Onboarding process by completing the New Hire/Change of Status Form.
      1. General manager should be sure to notate part time/full time

  •  The hiring manager will email the completed New Hire/Change of Status Form to within 48 hours of the employment/reference verification being successfully completed
  • The General Manager will be responsible for utilizing “New Hire & Onboarding” “Schedule” in Basecamp to put start date and training days in the calendar.
  • The HR Manager will let the General Manager know of the team member’s ID number within 48 business hours of submitting the New Hire/Change of Status form.

  •  The General Manager will send the Welcome Email (BCC HR Manager, Ops Manager, AOM, COO and appropriate other Managers).  
  • The Welcome Letter is to inform the new hire of what to bring on their first day of work and should be in the body of the email with the following items attached:
        1. Team Member Handbook- Applicable Handbook at time of hire
        2. Beer Training Guide for FOH Team Members
        3. Note, the FOH Welcome letter includes a link to the ABC certification site which must be completed before hire and under Hillman Beer, not another company
  • The HR Manager will add the team member’s email and phone number to 7Shifts so they will receive an invite to the app.
  • The HR manager will add the team member to Paychex and they will receive an email to complete online onboarding on their first day.
  • The General Manager should reach out to the new hire the day before onboarding to confirm the new hire knows what to bring

  •  The General Manager will meet the new team member before the start of their onboarding (Greet at the door):
  • GM will verify new team member has Bank information for direct deposit, as well as ensuring the new team member has brought either a list A document or a list B and C document for identification for their I-9, and in the case of new beertenders, has presented or emailed the ABC server/seller certificate to be uploaded into Paychex during online onboarding.  The ABC certificate needs to be specific to Hillman Beer, so if they had a previous one they need to retake.  The HR Manager will assist with the tax forms in Paychex as needed, however, if the new team member is missing the IDs for their I-9 or direct deposit information, onboarding will need to be rescheduled.
  • General Manager will show new team member how to clock in (and out)
  • General Manager will complete the New Hire Checklist
  • When the new team member fills out the AVR1001 Availability/Change of Availability Form, if it is different from what was discussed during the interview, the discrepancy should be resolved or the onboarding stopped.

  • General Manager will verify that the new team member is completing online onboarding in Paychex correctly, answer any questions and reach out to the HR Manager if there are any issues. New hire paperwork to be completed by the new team member to include the following: 
  • Team Member Profile (completed online via Paychex onboarding) 
  • W4 – Federal Tax Form (completed online via Paychex onboarding) 
  • I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification – (completed online via Paychex onboarding) 
    • GM must verify the list A document or a list B and C document(s) provided and send scanned copies to HR Manager to complete section 2 of I-9 through Paychex
  • NC4- North Carolina State Tax Form (completed online via Paychex onboarding) 
  • Food Employee Reporting Agreement 2023 (completed online via Paychex onboarding) 
    • One copy will remain in team member file; HR Manager will print one additional copy will be made for each location to store in their file cabinet under a “Health Department” file/folder
  • Ensure the Team member MUST download the 7Shifts app in order to be scheduled
    • General Manager should ensure new team member has downloaded the app and has logged in
  • Make sure new hire logs into 7Shifts 
  • Team member provides bank information for Direct Deposit
  • Give them Hillman appropriate gear
    • 2 new tee shirts for FOH/BOH Full-Time employees 1 for Part-Time
  • If hired as FOH:
    • Obtain passed ABC Certificate (must upload into Paychex onboarding)
    • Schedule a date for EAGER/Beer Training
      • The General Manager will be responsible for utilizing “New Hire & Onboarding” in Basecamp to enter EAGER/ beer training dates, which is the first Wednesday of each month from 11am-3pm.
  • HR Manager will complete online onboarding to add new hire into Paychex Flex
  • Review Team Member handbook with the new team member emphasizing key points to make sure they understand, followed by a tour of the property, introduction to other team members, review of training schedule, including reviewing it with the associate on the 7 Shifts app, and a menu overview.
  • The General Manager will be responsible for having the new team member sign off on the handbook comprehension verification form

  • HR manager will add all pay rate and department information into Paychex, and 7Shifts. If the team member is going to work FOH, check these boxes in Assignments in 7Shifts: Beer Runner, Bartender, Taproom Server, Expo & Training.
  • General manager will be responsible for ensuring Employee ID in 7 Shifts matches ID# in Toast for shift leaders and above only

  • HR manager will add new team member to all payroll worksheets that apply

  • HR manager will add new employee to Insurance and Raise spreadsheets

  • Start training

Summary of Revisions on 3/28/24: Updated employment verification to be employment/reference verification. 2) timeline to complete New Hire Form after successful completion of employment/reference verifications. 4; C; i updated language regarding availability form.

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