Beer Additions & Changes SOP

Procedure#:HP SOP 70

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date:121522


Policy: Hillman Beer’s strives to provide a wide variety of beer styles to its guests while still providing a high level of quality.  It is important that with each beer addition or change a set of standards is followed so each beer addition or change is rolled out flawlessly.



  1. Whenever there is a new beer the following steps must take place and be initialed before the next step is done
    1. Label Created (if beer can) _____
    2. ABC Name/ABV Approval/Label Approval ______
    3. Verified on ABC website ______
    4. Costing for ⅙, ½, and case of cans if applicable _____
    5. Taproom Signs created and ABV listed verified to match beer, including ensuring keg collars are consistent with sign and beer ABV
      1. Keg Collars___
      2. BMV Tap Sign ______
      3. OFT Tap Sign______
      4. MGN Tap Sign ______
    6. Beer Information Sheet sent to team members through the following channels
      1. Basecamp (All Things Beer) _________
      2. 7 Shifts (Announcement applied to each location)_______
      3. Beer Binder at each location ______
        1. BMV ______
        2. OFT ______
        3. MGN ______
    7. Goes Live at each location (“Live” is determined by the GM of each location to ensure the following has been achieved BEFORE going live)
      1. Staff trained on new beer _______
      2. Buttons in POS _______
      3. Sign put on board ________
      4. Basecamp Menu Management for adding to menu ______


  1. The new beer item does not have to “go live” on a Wednesday like food items, but each new beer addition or change must be updated in the menu the next Wednesday and should follow the schedule of “Menu Copy Changes & Printing SOP.”  
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