Cash Over/Short SOP

Procedure#HB SOP 98

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date: 012524

Policy: Hillman Beer entrusts Service Leaders and Managers with the daily cash handling and with that comes responsibility and accountability.  All opening and closing cash procedures must be followed carefully.


  1. The MOD is responsible for counting the opening cash drawer each day.  The drawer should be set at $200 at the beginning of the business day.  

  1. The Service Leader must monitor the bartending staff to ensure that all cash sales are being rung up properly and the correct change is given to the guest.  Every beer poured must be rung into the POS system and the cash must be put into the drawer immediately following the sale.  This should happen BEFORE a beer gets poured.

  1. Each day between 2:00 pm and 4:45 pm the manager (or Service Leader if no manager) should perform a midday count.  The midday count should involve the following:
    1. Counting the drawer back down to $200 and removing the remaining funds
    2. The remaining funds should be put in a deposit bag or envelope with the date, time, amount, and initials of the person dropping, and put into the top part of the safe.
      1. For Managers they should compare with the cash before tip out reports that they can pull on the Toast tablet using their manager number.
      2. Enter manager number and go the reporting page
        1. Once on the Sales Report tab, hit Load Report
        2. Last, look at the Cash Before Tip out number reported below.  This should match the cash drop for the midday count
    3. For managers, they should also record the cash drop amount and time in the 7 Shifts Daily logbook notes EVERY DAY, and if off more than $5, notate who was working behind the bar that day, so if there is a trend it is easier to find.
    4. Note: the drawer count should be done when it is slow so as not to impact our paying guests.

  1. At the end of the day, all cash sales are removed from the cash drawer and deposited in the safe.  At this time, the Service Leader must count the drawer down to $200 to close the business day.  
    1. Note: The Service Leader will also gather all cash tips from the day and put them into the safe, as well, along with the cash deposit.  

  1. The following day the manager will check the cash deposit from the previous day and ensure that it matches the POS report of cash owed (see GM Dashboard SOP).  
    1. Note:  If the deposit is short of the reported cash owed, the manager will take the remainder from the cash tips and alert the Service Leader of the shortage. 

  1. The midday count is required each day.  If the drawer is more than $5 off (either over or under) 2 or more times in a 10 day period, the midday count should happen twice each day between 12 and 4:45 and at least 2 hours apart until the issue is resolved.  If the issue is not resolved, the manager will need to work with the COO to identify who is working each shift and narrow down who may be causing the challenge.


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