Closed Day/ Change of Hours of Operation SOP

Procedure # HB SOP 53
Function: Management Policies
Implementation Date: 01/25/2

Policy/Purpose:  In order to ensure we are communicating properly when hours change for special days, it is important that we have all channels showing the consistent message at the right times.



  1. Online Ordering.  This can be done well in advance, and needs to be done to ensure orders are not processed while we are closed.  To edit online ordering hours, follow these steps
    1. Log into Toast and on the Left Hand side of the screen, click “Takeout & Delivery”.
    2. Under “Online Ordering Hour” there is a section for “Overrides” that will allow you to put in special days.
    3. Click “add override” and be sure to select the date, whether you are closed all day or for an interval, an interval time if closed for part of the day, and a description
      1. If closed for a period of time during the day, the online ordering should notate that we are closed 1 hour before closing.
  2. Social Media/Website
    1. Google Hours- to be done by GM and can be done in advance under hours of operation
    2. Yelp and TripAdvisor- Operations Manager or above will need to change, and can edit at any time during the year.
    3. Facebook- times need to be changed and published in the information section, as well as a post scheduled and can be done by GM or above.
    4. Instagram- times need to be changed and published in the information section, as well as a post scheduled and can be done by GM or above.
    5. Webpage- needs to be updated by the Operations Manager or above
  3. Signage
    1. Parking lot- Signage Board (One for Celebration, One for Inclement Weather)
      1. One in the parking lot for BMV, OFT & MGN so the guests do not walk down the sidewalk or up the stairs/ramp
    2. Door Signage
      1. Each guest entrance should have a sign notating we are closed for the day, or for a portion of the day.  Examples below should be printed and laminated depending on if it is a holiday, staff day, or inclement weather.
  4. Follow-Up
    1. Ops Manager/COO to send calendar invites to all location management to review BEFORE opening the next day that all hours are correct after the closed day, to include:
      1. Online ordering up and running where applicable
      2. Google, TA, and Yelp as well as the website/FB/Instagram.
      3. Facebook book post has been posted announcing we are open again. 
      4. All signage announcing closure has been removed.





Manager Print Name: _______________________________

Manager Signature: ________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________


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