CO2 Sensor

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Procedure #: hb SOP 49
Function: Management Policies
Implementation Date: 01/10/23
Revision #: 1
Author: David May, COO
Approved by: David May, COO


The walk-in coolers storing the tapped beer lines at both locations have a CO2 sensor that will alarm team members if there is a leak somewhere in the system. Many times, the leak can be attributed to a tap line hooked incorrectly, but other times it can be a more serious issue. CO2 leaks can be fatal so it is important to understand and follow all procedures when the sensor alarm goes off.


1) If a CO2 sensor alarm goes off the following procedures should be done as quickly and as safely as possible:

a) AGM/GM/KM notified as soon as possible

b) The Manager should work together with the FOH service lead to see what is causing the sensor to go off

i) The first action item is to open the cooler door to allow the CO2 out

ii) Code Red (AL3): if the sensor reads above 3% (red light) do not go in, just leave the door open

(1) Ensure no one is stuck in the cooler

(2) Shut the gas off

iii) Code Orange (AL2): When sensor level is between 1.5% and 3% (orange light)

(1) Ensure no one is stuck in the cooler

(2) Shut the gas off

iv) Code Yellow (AL1): When the sensor level is between .5% and 1.5% (Yellow light) the manager should go into the cooler while the Service Leader continues to hold the door open. The Manager should check all tap connections to ensure that the hook-ups are not the issue

v) If the problem is not found and the sensor levels are still high the manager should put a notification alert under required notifications in basecamp and a work order request.

vi) No one should be allowed in the cooler until the sensor has stopped going off and approval has been given by either the head of maintenance, operations manager, COO, or ownership.


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