Email Signature and Out of Office Reply SOP

Procedure#:HB SOP 86

Function:Management Policies

Implementation Date:040123


Policy/Purpose: Hillman Beer strives to have consistency and professionalism in everything it does, including in manager’s email signature and when they are out of the office. 


  1. For any team member with a Hillman Beer email, they should have a signature that is the same company wide.  It is important to note that the signature will vary slightly when you use your personal computer versus when using your phone.
    1. For the signature set up on your computer, you need to follow these steps:
      1. Open Gmail
      2. At the top right go to settings and see all settings
      3. Under ‘General’ scroll to signature and click the signature you want or select ‘+ create new’
      4. Use the text box to make your changes.  To change the signature name, click ‘Edit’
      5. At the bottom, click ‘Save Changes’
      6. The email signature should follow the format below, applicable to which location(s) you work at:

David May

Hillman Beer

Chief Operating Officer

25 Sweeten Creek Road * Asheville, NC 28803

78F Catawba Avenue * Old Fort, NC 28762

301 S Sterling St * Morganton, NC 28655 (Temp. Taproom)

  • For the signature on your phone, it will depend on which type of phone you have, but the signature should follow the same format as above, and depending on your phone may or may not have Hillman Beer logo.  You can always Google specific instructions on adding an email signature to your Android, Iphone, etc…
  • Anytime you are out of the office for more than 48 hours and cannot respond to emails, you must have an out of office reply set for your emails.  The following is how to set up automatic replies
    • Open Gmail
    • At the top right, go to settings, and all settings
    • Scroll down to ‘Vacation Responder’
    • Select ‘vacation responder on’
    • Fill in the date range for starting and ending time
      • This should be when you plan to stop looking at emails and when you plan to resume looking at emails
    • Fill in the message
      • “Greetings!  I am currently out of the office with limited access to emails.  I will return on (day and date) and will return all correspondences as quickly as possible at that time.  Should you need immediate assistance, please call our _______ (location) at __________ (phone number for that location).
        • If you feel you need to leave your direct reports email and list, please get approval first.  If you oversee multiple locations, please list all locations.
    • Under your message do not select ‘only send a response to people in my contacts’ or ‘only send a response to people in Hillman Beer.’

At the bottom of the page, click ‘Save Changes’

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