Leadership Golden Time Commitment

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Procedure #: HB SOP 7

Function: Manager Policies

Implementation Date: 01162024

Policy/Purpose: The management at each location should maintain a commitment to being “on the floor” between 11am-2pm and 5pm-7pm.This policy is to provide critical eye leadership coverage, maximize guest connections, and ensure a positive culture of accountability during ALL meal periods.



  1. Meal Periods
    1. Lunch: 11am-2pm
    2. Dinner: 5pm-7pm
  2. Manager Focus
    1. Arrival experience- all guests receive a warm welcome and directed on where to go/how to order
    2. Guest Interaction- ensure all guests are satisfied with their beverage, food, and service
      1. Managers should strive to make at least 2 personal connections during a guests visit
    3. Cleanliness- all team members work with a “Clean as you go approach”
    4. Steps of service- all steps of service are followed with urgency, genuine care, and guest engagement
    5. Timeliness of Service- guests are being serviced at the counter in a timely manner and food leaving the kitchen is coming out presentable each and every time
      1. Ticket Times should be 10-12 minutes; 15 minutes max
    6. Food Running- Food delivered to tables in a timely manner
      1. Hot food is hot, cold food is cold
    7. Departure Experience- all guests receive a genuine farewell upon leaving
  3. It is important to note the following about the Golden Time Commitment
    1. Time on the floor is for all managers with the floor being guest areas and working team member areas (mostly BOH). When the GM or AGM is managing by themselves without a Sous Chef or fellow manager present floor time should be back and forth between the guest space and team member working areas (BOH).
    2. The hours for Golden Time are an expectation, but floor management is not limited to those hours. Certain days require ongoing floor management 



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