Google Suite Use & Maintenance SOP

Procedure#:HB SOP 74

Function:Management Policies

Implementation Date:011023


Policy/Purpose:  Hillman Beer utilizes G-Suite for company communication and document organization.  Each management role is given specific access to the folders and calendars as necessary to perform their job effectively.  It is up to the users to maintain the folders properly and save/store documents properly.  



Follow these procedures and guidelines to utilize G-Suite effectively:


  • Each folder has “Members” that have access to the information in the folder.  The COO will manage member access.
    • When “sharing” a document with other managers, you must give access to anybody that needs the information that is not already a “member” of the folder. 
  • Any finished document that will be used by multiple managers on the team must be saved in a shared folder, not in the individual team member’s “My Drive”.  Also, you should never save documents to the “desktop” of any computer as no one will be able to access them unless the COO or Ownership takes possession of that device.
  • Always utilize the “folder within the folder” to further categorize and organize documents.  For example, in the “GM” shared folder there is a folder called “GM Meetings” which holds the agendas for the meetings.  
    • Note: Do not save individual documents in the larger shared folder – always create more specific categorical folders to organize information. 
  • Do not save anything in the shared “PDF” folder – this will be utilized by final documents that have been approved by the COO & Ownership.  
    • Note:  any document that has been approved will have “APVD DM or GH” in the bottom footer and is ready to be utilized.
  • Regarding the G-Suite calendar:  all high-level managers (GMs, AGMs, Operations Manager) are required to put their weekly schedule in the “Manager Schedule.”  This must be kept up to date and accurate.
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