High Five Winner SOP

Procedure#:HB SOP 87

Function:Management Policies

Implementation Date:040123


Policy/Purpose: Hillman Beer wants to encourage our team members to be there best each and every day.  For those that go above and beyond, exhibit our core values and help drive our mission, Hillman Beer team members can reward each other with Hillman High Fives throughout the shift, week, month and year.  At the end of each month we will select five winners from each location to be awarded a gift card.  




  1. At the first of each month, the General Manager or Operations Manager should unlock the box of Hillman High Fives and randomly select five.  The GM or Operations Manager should review the five selected High Fives and ensure they are High Fives given for a specific reason, not just because someone is awesome in general or because they always have a good attitude.


  1. All of the recipients of any High Five and the nominator should be notated in either BMV High Five (Year), OFT High Five (Year) or MGN High Five (Year) files  located in the High Five Folder within the GM folder. The 5 winners should be highlighted.
  2. The High Five Winners should then be posted on 7 Shifts for everyone to see as well as on the communication board.


  1. Each High Five winner should be directly communicated to and should be allowed to select one of the gift cards in the safe.  After which the manager should update the Employee Recognition/Gift Cards BMV & OFT & MGN depending on which gift card the team member decided on.
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