Hiring – Hourly SOP

Procedure#:HB SOP 102

Function:Management Policies

Implementation Date:042623


Policy: This policy provides guidelines and practices used for determining required staffing levels, the staffing process used to fill open positions and profiles of the desired characteristics for front and back of house candidates.

  • Staffing Levels
  • Staffing process
  • Front of House Candidate profile
  • Back of House Candidate profile
  • Roles, Full-Time vs. Part-Time


Staffing Levels:


Staffing Matrix:

  • The Staffing Matrix is used to determine the number of positions required for various hourly roles within the organization.  
  • The Staffing Matrix can be found in the GM Dashboard located within the shared drives.
  • The matrix breaks the year down into smaller groups that have similar staffing requirements.  To determine the required staffing needs refer to the time period that applies and locate the role you are hiring.  To the right of the role you will find 3 columns labeled ‘Actual Staff’, ‘Par Staff’ and ‘Need to Hire’.
    • Actual Staff – This column shows the actual number of staff currently employed in that role.  It is important to verify the accuracy of this value when using the ‘Need to Hire’ value.
    • Par Staff – This column indicates the number of staff required for that role during that time period.  
    • Need to Hire – This column indicates the number of staff that must be hired, trained and proficient in their roles PRIOR to the beginning of the time period applicable to the matrix.


Staffing Process:

When it is determined that additional staff members are required the steps below are to be followed.  An employer must comply with several State and Federal regulations before an individual may begin employment therefore it is never permissible to allow someone to work without following the proper procedure outlined below.


  • Complete the Requisition to Hire Form located in the PDF Folder, Forms.  Use the ‘Opening a New Position SOP’ for guidance.
  • Be sure to obtain the Operations Manager signature BEFORE submitting the Requisition Form to the HR Manager.
  • HR will begin searching for candidates within 2 business days of receipt of form.
  • HR will screen potential candidates and perform the first interview (usually by phone).
  • The names, contact information and resumes of qualified candidates will be provided by HR to the hiring manager who completed the Requisition to Hire Form.
  • The hiring manager will conduct a 2nd interview with the provided candidates.      In person interviews are preferred for all roles beginning with the 2nd interview but are mandatory for Front of House or other customer facing roles.  The jobs market can be very competitive and great candidates can be lost by lack of action.  Therefore, the hiring must make initial contact with candidates within 48 hours of receipt from HR.
  • A total of 3 interviews by the managers shown below are required for all hourly roles.  The interviews must be with 3 different managers and conducted in the order shown.  The operations manager may perform either the GM, AGM or Sous Chef interview but not both.
    • FOH: HR Manager, GM, AGM 
    • BOH: HR Manager, GM, Sous Chef 


Candidate Profiles:

  • Every job has certain requirements, some are awesome and some are not.  For example, a plumber must be able to cut, assemble and install pipes while ensuring they don’t leak now or in the future.  A Sailing Instructor must be able to persuade people that it’s fun being wet, cold and scared out of their minds.  An IT Technician must be able to repeatedly fix the computers the rest of us break even though we ‘didn’t do anything, it was already that way’.  An X-Ray Technician needs to know how to take informative, black and white pictures of the unlucky, brave and stupid.  All of the roles we hire need certain skills as well.  Some of these skills we can teach, others must already be present.  Some of what we’re looking for are just personal characteristics that have been learned throughout a person’s lifetime.  
  • The hiring manager’s primary goal is to choose people that either already have the traits and skills needed for their role OR have the ability to learn those skills.  In addition and equally as important is to choose people who fit our company culture and who share and live by our company’s core values.      
  • We review resumes and interview people to make a hiring determination.  Once we hire someone we will spend hundreds and even thousands of hours with them.  We will spend enormous amounts of time, money and personal energy on them.  Choosing the right people makes our teams amazingly efficient and fun.  Choosing the wrong people can destroy a wonderful team in a matter of weeks in a worst case scenario and waste your time, money and energy in a best case.  As a hiring manager choosing the right people is therefore one of the most important guesses you will ever make!  That’s right, a guess.  For the average candidate we will spend less than 1 hour with them before we make a hiring decision.  The interview process offers precious little time and exposure to someone who is so important to us.  We ultimately have to take our best guess when choosing who to hire.  
  • Here are some general characteristics we hope to find in our new staff members during the interview process.    
    • Reliability – Will they make covering their shift a priority?
    • Dependability – Does their past experience indicate stability or instability?  Have they bounced from job to job every few months or even years?
    • Team Player – Do they focus on the positive aspects of previous jobs and situations or do they seem to want to highlight the gossip, drama and negative sides of them?
    • Accountability – If they mess up will they grow from it or blame their circumstance on others?
    • Honesty – This person may be given access to co-workers and company funds.  Do you think they can be trusted with that responsibility?
  • There are also traits and characteristics that are specific to a role.  The following role specific profiles describe them in more detail. 


Front of House Candidate Profile:

  • Front of House candidates will work as Beertenders, Beer Runners, Taproom Servers and Front of House Expediters (Expo).  These are customer facing roles that demand certain traits, characteristics and abilities.  Notice that the REQUIRED traits do not include experience as a beertender, bartender or server.  Contrary to conventional thinking we prefer to teach those skills.  These are basic, easy skills to master if someone desires to do so.  The tolerance for the fast paced, always on, type of work that comes with the role is an unknown, however and only time will tell if it exists.  Hands down, the required traits listed below are what truly sets Hillman Beer FOH staff apart from the others.  Focus your efforts here and life is good.  Ignore these and the high turnover living dead shall rise and smite thee.  Zombies suck.   
    • REQUIRED TRAITS.  You MUST readily observe and recognize the following characteristics during your in person interviews.  If there is any doubt the trait exists then it probably doesn’t.  Keep in mind that people can be nervous and more reserved during the interview process.  For a FOH candidate this should only be a VERY SLIGHT reservation.  This role will be interacting with the public, with strangers on a consistent basis so stage fright is not an acceptable characteristic. 
      • Personality!  Boat loads of personality.  Goodyear Blimp size personality.  No wall flowers here, no introverts, brooders, thinkers or loners here.  This person immediately engages in conversation with ease and can talk to anyone about anything.   
      • Outgoing, friendly and engaging.  We want outgoing, friendly people who are not afraid to engage in conversation with you, even during their interview.  Make them feel at ease as quickly as possible so you can see their true self.  Treat them exactly like you would treat a guest.  You are already training someone when you interview them.  Train them to act the way we want.  If you bore them they will think you, we and this place are boring.  That is not how we want a FOH staff member to act.  A stuffy, formal interview will hide our ideal FOH candidates true personality.  This is the time for your best Dad jokes.  
      • A people person.  We can’t teach someone to be a people person, they have to already be that way.  OK, that may not be entirely true.  The truth is we can’t provide the time necessary for someone to learn to be a people person.  While they are ‘learning’ to be a people person, customer service suffers, the rest of the team works harder filling in the ‘gap’, sales suffer and then of course tips suffer.  All bad stuff.  So, we need people persons!  


  • Preferred traits.
    • These traits are preferred but are not necessarily required at the time of hire.  These are traits and characteristics we can teach and suitable candidates can learn in a reasonable period of time.  In addition to the general characteristics listed above look for these traits in a FOH candidate.
      • Insane focus on guest satisfaction.
      • Knowledge of and/or a passion for beer. 
      • Ability to understand and follow a checklist.
      • Ability to learn and a desire to improve
      • Experience in a fast paced food and beverage establishment.



Back of House Candidate Profile:

  • Back of House Candidates will work as Line Cooks, Prep Cooks and Dishwashers.  BOH candidates are not customer facing, however, their impact on the guest experience can be a make or break situation.  Low quality food, inaccurate orders and long ticket times are like drinking a glass of dirt, it will choke you!  BOH staff success is extremely dependent on BOH leadership.  BOH candidates therefore must be able to work as a team following the instructions of an expediter calling out food orders like a 1990’s teenager ordering his spaceship to move left, move right, and fire!  The Aliens never knew anything.  Our expediting teenager saw the ‘big picture’, called out his orders and in a quick, efficient manner a dark-matter seeking plasma missile turned an enemy spaceship into Fallafel dust.  Easy peasey.  The point here is no Lone Rangers.  A successful, efficient kitchen is a well oiled machine with ONE person in charge.  Ever heard the phrase ‘Too many cooks in the kitchen’?  We don’t want that.  The most talented cook just gets in the way if they can’t follow instructions and work as a team.  In addition to the general characteristics listed above look for the traits below when searching for BOH candidates.  
    • Preferred traits.
      • These traits are preferred but are not necessarily required at the time of hire.  These are traits and characteristics we can teach and suitable candidates can learn in a reasonable period of time.
        • Insane focus on guest satisfaction.
        • Knowledge of and/or a passion for food. 
        • Ability to understand and follow a checklist.
        • Ability to learn and a desire to improve.
        • Culinary experience as a chef, line cook, prep cook or dishwasher        


Roles, Full-Time vs. Part-Time:

  • Hillman Beer has both Full-Time (FT) and Part-Time (PT) positions.  Some roles have both FT & PT positions.  
  • Some FT roles offer additional benefits including Health Insurance, overtime, scheduling preference & selection and others.  These additional benefits help HB meet its goal of being a destination employer by providing above average compensation, benefits and workplace environment.  It also helps HB attract and keep the highest performers in the industry.
  • The FOH Beertender is a role that has both.  Many of our PT FOH staff are with us as a second job or supplemental income as they achieve higher learning or just even just because they enjoy the fast paced, customer immersive environment.  For these reasons PT roles typically have a higher turnover rate then the equivalent FT positions.  
  • Our FT FOH beertender role offers those seeking a career to enjoy the benefits of a FT job including income stability (guaranteed hours), health insurance, higher 401K contribution ability, etc.  When hiring or promoting for these FT positions it is important to choose candidates that see their employment at HB as a career or as a long term endeavor and not just a stepping stone to the next chapter in their lives.  As a hiring manager this FT role with its attached benefits is a great tool that gives you some additional leverage when building your team.  Use it wisely and your team will be much more seasoned, tenured and be the high performers that we desire.  
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