How to Change a Keg

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How to Change a Keg SOP

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Management Policies



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David May, Chief Operating Officer

David May, Chief Operating Officer





Policy/Purpose:  In order to ensure that team members are paid fairly, correctly, and in a timely fashion, this policy outlines the best practices to ensure consistency in our payroll practices.


  1. Timesheet approval should be done daily, or as close to daily as possible, and should always be done BEFORE any tip calculation numbers are entered into 7 Shifts.
  2. After approving the daily timesheets, the manager will take the credit card tips from Toast, plus the cash tips earned and enter them daily into the 7 Shifts Tip Pooling calculations.
  3. All tips for the week ending on Tuesday, should be entered into 7 Shifts by Noon each Wednesday, including signing off on all time sheets.
  4. The Operations Manager will validate the tips entered into 7 Shifts with the total tips on the GM Daily Dashboard before 2pm each Wednesday.


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