Key, Code, Company Property, and Systems Access Receipt SOP

Procedure#:HB SOP 35

Function:Management Policies

Implementation Date:072222


Policy/Purpose:  To ensure all shift leaders and above have acknowledged receiving and returning of company property, both physical and intellectual, and that all property and information is returned or reset when the team member leaves the company.



  1. When a shift leader, manager, or above begins or is promoted into one of these positions, they should fill out the “Keys/Codes/Company Property Receipt Form”, and a “Systems Access Receipt Form”.
  2. Any keys issued should note the number of keys and what the individual keys go to.
  3. Any Company Property should list the item, and a serial/model number tied to that item. 
  4. When a team member that has received any keys or company property departs, their immediate supervisor should take the “Keys/Codes/Company Property Receipt Form” original sheet, and check to ensure they have received all keys and company property back from the team member BEFORE their last day of work
  5. When the team member departs Hillman Beer their supervisor will also need to get the “Systems Access Receipt Form” original form and ensure the access is reset for each system, so the former team member cannot access the systems.
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