Lock Box Change Code Punch Pins SOP

Procedure #: HB SOP 40

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date: 072522


Policy/Purpose:  At times it is necessary to change the lock box codes for each individual location. These particular locks have rolling punch pins that you push in.  This process is done after any shift leader/management termination and as needed throughout the year. 



  1. First you need to be sure you have the correct current code
  2. Enter the code to open the box, on the inside you will find 12 numbers/ characters
  3. The current code will have four digits pointing down (or 4 in the same direction)
  4. To enter the new code, you must select the 4 numbers/characters desired and make those the 4 that are facing down/in the same direction
  5. Using a screwdriver you can press down and turn the yellow arrows
  6. Make sure that all yellow arrows are popped up, as the lock will not read if one is slightly down- whether part of the new code or not
  7. Enter the new code by punching the punch pins
  8. It should unlock and allow you to close the lock box
  9. If it does not unlock the code is wrong, or one of the yellow arrows are not popped up
  10. For these locks you just need to select the 4 numbers/characters you want for your code; the order you punch them in does not matter.
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