Maintenance Work Order SOP

Procedure#: HB SOP 6

Function: Management Policies 

Implementation Date:012924


    1. Policy/Purpose:  All work orders will be submitted through our Maintenance Work Order System (Currently Upkeep Maintenance).  The requests will filter through the maintenance manager for approval and priority setting.  All requests approved are assigned a priority of low, medium, and high, and will be completed based on priority with high priorities being things that impact the operation or are guest facing. This policy is intended to ensure there is one uniform system for all work orders, which can be tracked and accounted for in a timely fashion.  The Upkeep system also has an app, which can be used for the easiest and fastest way of inputting work orders.

      1. See link below for a link to using the request portal in Upkeep Maintenance
      2. Request Form Items
        1. Title: Be as specific as possible in the title about what the item is that needs to be fixed AND the location of the item
          1. All Work order should start with the 3 letter abbreviation for the location: BMV, OFT, or MGN
          2. Specific Item, for example OFT Bar Ice Machine; BMV Left Fryer; MGN Left Bathroom Sink in Game Room
        2. Description: the more details, the easier and quicker it will be for maintenance to address the challenge.  Please leave as detailed verbiage as possible and if there are questions, the maintenance manager will request more information
          1. For example, Ice machine making ice slower than normal, but still making ice; Fryer not lighting; Sink not draining very quickly
        3. Priority: you are allowed to put in your own priority, but keep in mind that when reviewed the maintenance manager may reassign the priority level based on overall needs in the organization
        4. Photo/Image: in order to be as efficient as possible, pictures of the item you are looking to request repairs on MUST be taken.  It is extremely helpful to include multiple pictures, both close up and far away if applicable.  
          1. For example, if a picnic table needs to be fixed, a close up of the picnic table for what in particular is wrong AND a picture far away for where that picnic table is helps a lot
        5. Location/Sub Locations:  locations are set up so that we can track potential areas that need more attention, or a greater investment if there are repeat challenges
          1. For example, if the challenge is in the kitchen look for the sublocation of kitchen under Old Fort or Biltmore Village
      3. Other Important Information
        1. Please submit one request per item.  If you need two items looked at, even in the same area, please submit two separate requests.
        2. If a request is denied, the denier will leave a reason why.  


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