Merchandise SOP

Procedure#: HB SOP 20

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date:101122


Policy/Purpose:  Merchandise needs to be accounted for at all times and is the responsibility of the GM/AGM to ensure accurate inventory numbers on all merchandise.  The Operations Manager will be responsible for purchasing inventory based on PAR levels and inventories provided by each location.  Inventorying will be done twice a month by the retail associate/AGM/GM and reconciled by the Operations Manager based on beginning inventory, purchases and ending inventory.  All variances must be accounted for by the GM.



  1. The Operations Manager will be responsible for ordering all inventory.  When the inventory arrives at the specific location, the GM/AGM/Retail associate should verify the actual inventory with the packing slip.  The GM/AGM should then send the Operations Manager a copy of the packing slip with quantities verified.  Once the OM receives, they will verify with what was ordered and submit the packing slip to the COO and Brandi Hillman (paperwork can be left in the mailbox outside the office upstairs at OFT).  The GM/AGM/Retail Associate will be responsible for stocking the inventory.  What does not fit at the merchandise counter should be stored in the storage container at BMV and the supply closet upstairs at OFT.  In the event of items that need to be transferred to another location, the Operations Manager will be responsible for communicating what that amount is and will work with the GM/AGM/Retail Associate to coordinate the transfer. Delivery from OFT to BMV can be coordinated through Brewer’s Wednesday Truck.


  1. The GM/AGM/Retail Associate will be responsible for putting the inventory up according to our scenography binder guidelines as well as inputting the inventory into the Toast POS system (GM/AGM only) so we can keep track of available inventory.  The GM/AGM must ensure a button has been created properly in the POS system before the product is out for sale/display.  This includes sizes for shirts/sweatshirts/jackets.  The GM/AGM also needs to ensure that what is in the POS system and behind the merchandise counter matches what is on the chalkboard.  The GM/AGM should also be careful to ensure that they do not add items into the Toast system that will be transferred out to another location after initial delivery (verify quantities with OM).  For products transferred in or out after initial delivery, the OM should use a transfer form and then input the quantities in or out of the respectiveToast POS system.  


  1. All merchandise that leaves the merchandise counters MUST be rung into the Toast POS system.  If the item is not in the POS system it cannot be sold.  For guest purchases or discounted team member purchases this is very straight forward.  For other items, such as team member uniform shirts there will be a Merchandise Acquisition Form.  These forms will be kept in a folder outside the Owner’s Box at OFT and in the manager office at BMV.  Only the Human Resource Manager, General Managers, Operations Manager, Wholesale Manager, COO or Owners can sign off on these forms.  Once a week on Thursday’s, the GM’s should take any filled out forms and enter the items into the Toast POS system.  These forms will notate what type of comp the item needs to go to.  For example, when the OM gives out team member shirts, “Uniform comp” will be selected. If one of the owners takes a shirt for any reason they will notate as marketing comp or owners comp.
    1. At Old Fort, the Operations Manager may use the Guest Merchandise Request Order Form to get merchandise for guests that need to be shipped out.  The OM must fill out the form and ring in the items and charge the card.  Once the OM rings in the items, they will print and staple the receipt to the Guest Merchandise Request Form, and file with the other completed Merchandise Acquisition Forms.  Only the Operations Manager should be utilizing this form.  


  1. Twice monthly the location Retail Associate/AGM/GM will conduct an inventory of all retail items at merchandise counter and storage location (storage container/supply closet). The inventory sheets are found under the Inventory File in the drive under OFT Merch Inventory YEAR and BMV Merch Inventory YEAR. Please copy the Master tab to create a new tab for counted date.  The counts should be submitted to the OM by the 15th and last day of the month, with the physical inventory being done within 3 days of the 15th or last day of the month.  The final inventory count at the end of the month should also be inputted in the Monthly inventory sheet as a total value only.  This sheet can be found in basecamp, under Hillman Beer HQ and Docs & Files; Monthly Inventory. The OM will then compare the actual final counts to the theoretical counts.  The theoretical count is what should be on hand based on the beginning inventory of each item, plus purchases for that item, minus sales of that item as indicated by the reports pulled from the Toast POS system.  Any discrepancies should be highlighted by the Operations Manager and submitted to the GM of that location for explanation.
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