PTO Requests SOP

Procedure#HB SOP 9

Implementation Date:04082024

Function:Employee Policies

Policy: At Hillman Beer, full time hourly and salary team members accrue paid time off (PTO). Going through the proper procedure to request time off is essential for communication and scheduling.


  1. The team member must check their PTO balance first by logging into their Paychex account.  This information is located on the dashboard.  The team member can then submit a PTO request by clicking on view details in the Time Off section and it will be sent to their General Manager or Leadership team member for approval through Paychex.
  2. The team member must review the PTO policy to make sure they are in compliance with their request.
  3. The team member must submit the PTO request in Paychex at least 21 days prior to the dates they are requesting off.
  4. The team member’s General Manager or Leadership team member will receive an email via the email registered in their Paychex account that they have a PTO request to review. 
  5. The manager can follow the link in the email or log into their Paychex account to review and either approve or deny the request.


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