Safe Code Change BMV SOP

Procedure #: HB SOP 41

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date:090122


Policy/Purpose:  At times it is necessary to change the safe codes for each individual location. This process is done after any shift leader/management termination and as needed throughout the year. 



  1. Hit the “Menu/OK” button to start
  2. Select down until you get to the “System Menu” entry; hit “Ok”
  3. Enter code to be changed (current code)
  4. Select down until you get to “Change Code”; hit “Ok”
  5. Enter New Code once prompted
  6. Repeat New Code when prompted
  7. Hit “Back” or wait until the system times out
  8. Enter new code to ensure the new code unlocks the safe
  9. Enter the old code to ensure it no longer works
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