SDS Binder SOP

Procedure#:HB SOP 63

Function:Management Policies

Implementation Date:013024


Purpose:  The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Binder provides direct access to important information. Team members can use this resource for- Chemical ingredients/hazards, best practices, storage requirements, body contact safety steps, contact information, approved chemical products, staff roster and training tracker for educational and communication verification. 


Policy: The yellow SDS binder is located at OFT on the wall underneath the first aid kit in the kitchen, next to the mop sink at BMV, and by the back double doors to the outside and additional restrooms in MGN. This must be accessible, in good repair and be included in the orientation walk through. This process is required for all new staff in all departments. All information must be accurate, current and comply with all SDS procedures.


Procedures:. The following information outlines the procedures to be followed to ensure consistent information for OSHA/SDS compliance.


  1. Orientation Expectation
  • Include location of binder, chemical storage area and proper storage overview in the walk through process with new hires. Go over binder contents and information, new hires must sign the training tracker for verification all SDS/OSHA compliance is understood.


  1. Material Safety Data Sheets
  • You can request and access all current SDS sheets directly through your chemical vendors. You must highlight important information including: safety information, procedures and best practices. Each tabbed chemical in the binder must match the chemical description on the MSDS sheet.


  1. Chemical Inventory List
  • This is a list of approved chemicals that is provided by your vendor, within an agreement with the chemical supplier, OSHA and Health Department Audits. The inventory list should be in order with tabs in your binder for best practices. 


  1. Staff Roster Report
  • This should be updated monthly from Toast under the report link, filters should include Employees-Active-monthly date range-all departments-OFT location. You print it and update it in the binder. Verify all staff are up to date on any training needs. 


  1. Training Tracker Sheet
  • Chemical trackers can be split between FOH/BOH departments by having 2 monthly trackers. Each department uses certain chemicals that may vary from other departments. They share different safety and storage standards. This ensures all relevant and important information is provided.


  1. Proper Chemical Storage 
  • This should be Included in training programs, and a daily visual walk through should be conducted by management to ensure no violations are present. This should include proper operational storage locations and uses for contact and food safety purposes.
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