Service Leader Meetings SOP

Procedure#:HB SOP 73

Function:Management Policies 

Implementation Date:011023


Policy/Purpose: Service Leader meetings are an integral part of Hillman Beer’s operations.  The Service Leaders are entrusted with the responsibility to maintain and grow the business and without regular communication, they will not be set up for success.  Service Leader meetings are intended to communicate policies, procedures and standards of which they are expected to uphold as a leader.




  1. The manager must schedule the Service Leader meetings once per week and add the meeting to the Service Leaders 7Shifts schedules.

Note:  Service Leaders are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.  If they 

are unable to attend because of an unforeseen event, they must gain approval 

from the GM, prior to the meeting date.  

  1. The manager must prepare for the meeting by creating an agenda, as to make sure to hit on the important points.  The agenda should cover:
  • Staff Assessments
  • Specials/ New Beers
  • Area of Responsibility Progress Update
  • Tip Averages ( FOH)
  • Equipment needs
  • Service Leader training topics 
  • Service Leader Thoughts, Questions, Concerns, Focus Items
  1. The manager should plan for an interactive discussion surrounding the business and take notes on the Service Leader’s feedback. 
  2. The GM/AGM/KM should add these notes to their weekly reports and discuss any pertinent information at the weekly KM/GM meeting with the Operations Manager and COO.
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