Wednesday Brewer’s Truck SOP

Procedure#: HB SOP 61

Function:Management Policies

Implementation Date:101522


Policy/Purpose:  Every Wednesday (minus certain Holiday’s), the brewers will take the big box truck from Old Fort to Biltmore Village to transport kegs.  As part of this process the brewing team has the ability to transport any other items as needed, to reduce the number of trips between locations.



  1. One table should be located in the grain room at OFT, visibly marked as the “Wednesday Brewer’s Truck”.
    1. Any item needing to go to BMV on Wednesday morning should be on that table, unless noted below.
  2. The AGM/GM should submit a miscellaneous order guide by the end of the day each Sunday (copying Brandi, COO, either GM or AGM (whoever did not submit the order), and the Head Brewer.
    1. The last page of this list is the glassware, coasters, crowlers, and lids.  This list should be printed by the Operations Manager with these items circled.  It is the brewer’s responsibility to grab these items from OFT to put on the truck.  The brewer and OFT AGM/GM should initial this sheet.
    2. The remainder of the miscellaneous order items should be put on the brewers table in the grain room by 9:30am every Wednesday, with the print out of the miscellaneous order guide list.
  3. Menus are printed out every week.  Any menus needing to go to BMV should be left on the brewers table in the grain room by 9:30am for shipment on the truck.
  4. The Head Brewer should check with the GM/AGM of OFT to ensure there are no last minute items they need to go over to BMV.
    1. The Head Brewer should leave the list of glassware, coasters, crowlers and lids with the OFT GM/AGM so they are aware of what was taken to BMV from their supply.
  5. Once at BMV, the Brewer should make the GM/AGM aware so that they can receive the order and make sure they know which items have been delivered and exactly where, so that there is no confusion.
    1. The BMV GM/AGM should inventory the items received to ensure accuracy and then sign/initial the list.  The list should then be brought to the Thursday leadership meeting for the COO to file. 
    2. The Brewer should also check with the BMV GM/AGM to ensure there are no items that need to go back to OFT for that day.
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