Updating Pay Rates SOP

Procedure #: HB SOP 36

Function: Management Policies

Implementation Date:080122


Policy/Purpose:  In order to ensure that team members are paid fairly, correctly, and in a timely fashion, this policy outlines the best practices to ensure consistency in our payroll practices. 



  1. For any pay rate change, the manager should fill out an Intake/Change of Status form and submit to the COO for pay rate change approval.
  2. Once the pay rate change has been approved by the COO, the manager should update 7 Shifts with the new pay rate and effective date,and submit the Intake/Change of Status form to the office manager.
  3. The Office Manager should confirm changes have been made to the pay rate in 7 Shifts and then update the information in Paychex.  The update in Paychex should be done on an actual pay day.
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